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The Importance And Effectiveness Of Bone Density Software

Bone density software uses radiographic scan data to determine bone volume and bone mineral mass. For patient management, T-score and Z-score are generated in a detailed report. The report shows the results of the bone mineral density. These are based on calculations and comparison to normal, healthy bone. Over 130,000 clinical studies have been carried out to confirm the effectiveness of the bone density software. Below are some of its benefits:

• The evaluation process is fully automated and requires no expertise
• It has been cleared by the FDA to screen, identify and monitor osteoporosis therapy
• It generates T-score and Z-score reports to detect effectively and diagnose osteoporosis
• It correlates well with DXA (r=0.87)
• It uses the RA or Radiographic Absorptiometry technology with light radiation
• It exceptionally correlates to Ash Weight (r=0.98); this guarantees accuracy
• It has less than 1 percent precision error, which enables bone density changes to be monitored over time
• It is tremendously predictive of general fracture risk

Additionally, the bone density software offers the diagnostic precision of a DXA scan. It also provides the ease and convenience of a normal in-office x-ray system. The software works well with any digital or standard x-ray equipment and provides support for osteoporosis screening and diagnosis. A simple hand x-ray can be taken and forwarded to the software for evaluation.


This is a silent disease that is often under-diagnosed and under-treated. One in every two women aged 50 and older will ultimately experience a fracture related to osteoporosis. However, a number of these women are unaware of the risk until they are afflicted with the debilitating consequences.

It is recommended by both the National Osteoporosis Foundation and the International Osteoporosis Foundation that bone density should be tested for early detection. This also helps to monitor and treat the disease. The management of osteoporosis is a priority and collagen supplements can help.

UC-II Supplement

This Undenatured Collagen UC-II supplement is known for supporting joint flexibility, mobility and comfort. The supplement is orally administered to promote joint health; this process is called oral tolerization. It helps the body in differentiating between bacteria and other foreign invaders and nutrients and other elements that are good for the body.

Through a complicated process, lymphoid tissue located in the small intestine’s mucosal lining will monitor incoming compounds and act as a “switch.” It does this by turning on or off the immune response the body has to foreign substances. In essence, UC-II modulates the immune response of the body so it functions properly.

Extensive studies have indicated that the collagen supplements contained in UC-II will effectively reprogram the immune system. This will promote healthy joints and boost joint flexibility and mobility.

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